Speechtimer - iPhone timer webapp

Welcome to Speechtimer. This web application - as the name suggests - gives you a timer for timing your speeches. It is built with a focus on use on the iPhone and iPod Touch, either online or offline.Start Speechtimer

The problem:

When you give a speech or host a discussion - in school, university, or your job - there is usually a time limit. How can you know if your talk is running too long, or if you are on time?

The solution:

With Speechtimer, you set your time limit before you begin. Speechtimer will then count down the minutes. When the last three minutes start, it will also count down seconds.

Usage as an iPhone App

You can install Speechtimer on your iPhone or iPod touch in three easy steps:
  1. Open the Speechtimer webapp on your iPhone or iPod touch. You will see the folling screen:
  2. Press the "+" Button in the bottom bar. A Menu will pop up. Press the second Button "Add to home screen" or similar (sorry for the german screenshot):
  3. On the next screen, just press "Add" in the top right hand corner (Again, sorry for the german screenshot):
  4. You're done - You now can use Speechtimer, online or offline, just like any old iPhone App:


  • Remember to turn off the Screensaver on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Any comments and suggestions (and some english screenshots) are appreciated! Feel free to mail me at moolder@gmx.net.

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